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Comprehensive support

Job Alliance provides an international recruitment services that handle every step, from screening candidates to integrating them into the country. We take care of everything. Absolutely everything.

The 7 stages of our recruitment service


Workforce needs assessment

During an initial meeting, we will clarify your labour needs for the short and medium term. We also review the content of your job offers. We then go over the recruitment contract with you to clarify your commitment.


Creation and posting of vacancies

Once created, the posting are shared with our partners abroad. In addition to consulting the various banks of candidates available at the time of your request, a vast multiplatform display system disseminates the offers to a network of thousands of people, increasing your chances of finding the best candidates.


Candidate pre-selection, tests and checks

One of our recruitment services’ biggest tasks is the screening work. All applications submitted to you will have been rigorously reviewed. Our partners will validate past experience, education equivalencies, skills and competencies, check backgrounds and references, as well as conduct technical and psychometric testing, and interviews.


Hiring procedures, permit application and immigration procedures

Once a rare gem is unearthed, we gather the documents required to prepare the employment contract. Then we apply for work permits and handle immigration procedures with the various government departments and agencies. We keep in touch with the relevant government authorities throughout the process to ensure that the application process runs smoothly.


Preparing for the workers’ arrival

Once the permit application has been completed, we begin helping the candidate get a working knowledge of French or English and plan their arrival. We take care of the candidate’s transportation logistics (airline tickets) and help you find them a suitable apartment to rent. Upon request, we will also be pleased to assist you with various additional services, including a translation service for orientation training.


Welcoming workers and helping them settle in

Since our recruiting service is turnkey, it also includes the important logistics phase of orienting the worker and getting them established on Canadian soil. Once foreign workers have arrived, a delegate from our team accompanies them to provide them with everything they need, thus assuring their peace of mind and yours. They will help them register for health insurance, obtain a social insurance number, open a bank account, get a telephone, buy furniture, proper clothing (if any), etc.


In-business post-integration support

Once the workers are in their positions, we will guide you through a variety of simple and effective steps to optimize their integration. Since the success of their integration depends in part on the efforts invested by the employer, it is important to provide coaching, development and other facilitative approaches. Learn our 10 tips to help integrate a foreign worker.

Discover our 10 tips to help integrate a foreign worker
10 tips to help integrate a foreign worker

Our replacement guarantee

Although the selection process is very rigorous and our tests are designed to evaluate both skills and employee-employer compatibility, you can purchase a replacement guarantee for a nominal fee. This guarantee covers the first three (3) months of the worker’s employment. If, after the three-month period, a worker does not meet the employer’s expectations, the candidate will be replaced at no cost. This warranty extends for six months in the case of the employee’s voluntary departure. Visit the “Fees” page for further information.

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