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Hiring foreign labour: the solution to your labour shortage.

There are thousands of qualified, dedicated and available workers awaiting you. But how do you find them? With Job Alliance, an expert in hiring foreign labour.

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The idea is gaining popularity more and more. The solution to Canadian companies’ workforce challenges is international recruitment. Why? The real question is : “Why not?”

10 things to know about hiring foreign labour


The solution to fill vacancies

All over the country, the number of job vacancies is steadily increasing. The rate jumped to 23% in Canada and 46 % in Quebec in 2017. And these unfilled positions are costly, very costly, for businesses. For example, each vacant automotive painter or auto repairman position represents a loss of up to $30,000 in revenue per month for a collision repair company.


Better retention

Employee turnover represents significant losses for businesses. When hiring foreign workers, the work permit binds the worker to the employer for the duration of the permit, typically 24 months, or even 36 months. The permit is generally renewable for an additional period and may lead to an application for permanent residence, if the worker meets the requirements to make such a request.


Qualified, dedicated candidates

All the candidates we propose have been subjected to rigorous tests to validate their skills. We only retain the cream of the crop. In addition, foreign workers are well known for being hardworking, committed and dedicated to the employer. And employers who have hired foreign workers do confirm this: they are loyal employees who remain in their adoptive business even after they have obtained their permanent resident status.


A profitable investment

While vacancies and turnover are costing millions of dollars for local businesses, which must constantly invest in job postings, interviewing and training, hiring international labour, with its high retention rate, is a very profitable investment. According to most clients, it only takes a business quarter to make the initial investment


Superior financial performance

A study has shown that companies with greater cultural diversity in their management team are 35% more likely to outperform their competitors. (Le Devoir)


A larger pool of potential employees

Choosing to hire foreign labour automatically expands the pool of qualified potential candidates. While the number of businesses facing a glaring shortage of workers is skyrocketing, hiring outside Quebec opens the door to new opportunities.


Diversity strengthens innovation and creativity

Great surprises await companies that hire international labour. In addition to welcoming workers who will put their noses to the grindstone, employers are exposed to innovative vision. The resulting creativity and innovations enable companies to become more efficient. (Le Devoir)


A positive image

Welcoming foreign workers is a win-win approach. By offering new opportunities for foreign workers, you also convey your openness to the world to your customers and partners, a recognized quality that positions you as a leader.


Highly effective

Through international partnerships and a clearly defined process, hiring foreign workers has a high success rate. Our work permit approval rate is very high because the application is made by immigration specialists with the necessary skills to handle the multiple steps. The Job Alliance team has a perfect mastery of this process, which is long and particularly complex for the uninitiated, given the large number of criteria to be met and the frequent changes in legal and administrative procedures.


An optimized process

Since we already have access to pools of pre-qualified and available candidates, we can begin the selection process in a short time. In addition, by teaming up with experienced immigration professionals, who are accustomed to administrative and legal procedures, you will save a lot of time while significantly increasing your chances of obtaining a work permit.

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