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Here are a series of questions addressing different topics :

Employer’s rights and responsibilities

Job Alliance provides a turnkey service allowing you to focus on your daily tasks, rather than immersing yourself in the complex foreign recruitment process for which our experts are trained. However, you are required to get involved to some extent along the way to complete the process. For example, the employer should be more closely involved with the employee’s integration into the company, which will ensure better worker retention in the long term. To learn more about the integration work required, read our blog article on the topic.

Whether hiring a temporary or permanent worker, the employer must comply with certain obligations. For example, you must ensure that your foreign workers have their work permits and that they respect their hiring conditions. At the same time, your business must remain active during the permit term, meet its commitments to the employee, and provide a healthy work environment. A complete list of employer responsibilities is available here.

The work permit is granted for the position specifically indicated in the initial permit application. Therefore, it is impossible to change position within this permit period. However, it is possible to apply for another job title upon permit renewal. A wage increase is permitted at any time during the permit period.

This is a very good question that is very frequently asked. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer, since it depends on certain factors, such as the external professional services you retain to assist you throughout this process (custom or turnkey), the type of position to be filled (high or low wages), the number of workers you want to hire, and sometimes the country of origin.

For more information on the subject, read our blog article on the subject or contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.