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Absolutely. If the foreign worker’s performance is unsatisfactory and they do not perform the tasks stipulated in their contract, you have two options: provide them with the required notice or pay them an indemnity. The offices governing employment standards in each specific province can provide further information about this.

In addition, you should know that Job Alliance offers a three-month candidate replacement guarantee if the candidate is terminated, and six months in the case of a voluntary departure. This guarantee, which greatly reduces your investment risk, is offered at a reasonable cost for a single hiring, and is offered for free in the case of multiple hires.

The average duration of the work permit is 24 months. Since the permit is directly related to your business, the foreign worker cannot change employers. In addition, the worker may apply to renew the permit for a supplemental period before the end of the current period. Lastly, if they meet the government’s criteria, the worker can apply for permanent residence, which, if granted, will enable them to work for your company for many more years! Many employers have found that these workers are very loyal to the company that gave them this invaluable opportunity for a better quality of life.

The worker’s wages depend on several factors. For example as a first step for requests made in Quebec, your application will be examined by the Quebec Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion. They check whether the proposed wages correspond to the wages of a Quebec worker in the same job category with a similar level of experience.

If the job you are offering is covered by a collective agreement or a decree, the salary must comply with the provisions therein. Otherwise, the Ministry will refer to the official document from Emploi Québec (article in French only) to establish the hourly wage.

Finally, the same labour standards rules or the collective agreement apply to the foreign worker.

Before a candidate is selected, we conduct an exhaustive study of the candidate’s deep motivations in order to ensure that they are serious and will fulfill the requirements.

It is important to know that foreign workers are eager to immigrate to improve their quality of life. When they are selected, they feel very privileged. This recognition makes them loyal and dedicated employees, and they develop a strong sense of belonging to their adopted company.

During the process of obtaining work permits, we will organize language-learning workshops so that the selected candidates can perfect their language skills before they arrive in our country. Once the hiring is complete and the legal documents have been obtained, we begin the steps related to getting the candidate to Canada and getting them established here. This includes purchasing their airline tickets, furniture
and clothing appropriate for the season, as well as helping them with their first visit to the grocery store, etc.

When workers arrive on Canadian soil, a Job Alliance representative will greet them at the airport, as well as help them apply for private health insurance and a Social Insurance Number (SIN), open a bank account, get telephone service, etc.

Lastly, the employer will help newcomers learn about their host city, the company, and local customs and traditions, which is a key step to ensure a positive integration experience.

Although we recruit mainly in countries in which French or English is the second language, the language skills vary from one country to another and from one candidate to another. However, we do make sure that the candidate arrives with a basic knowledge. We provide 250 hours of second language classes to workers before they arrive in Canada. Lastly, employers who wish to do so may invite their workers to take a French or English developmental program (usually provided free of charge by the government, if required). For more information about the different language training and education provided, check out the following links:

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