What are the employer’s responsibilities in the process of recruiting temporary foreign workers (TFWs)?

The process of hiring temporary foreign workers involves a variety of administrative, legal and logistical steps that require specialized knowledge in laws and immigration, as well as a significant time investment over several months.

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We recognize that managers in SMEs have scarce time to perform all their daily tasks. Job Alliance offers a completely turnkey foreign worker recruitment and integration service. This comprehensive service includes the vast majority of the tasks involved in hiring and bringing this foreign workforce to Canada, as described in the following table.

Overview of TFW hiring steps and each party’s responsibilities (services included in the turnkey package only)

StepsTasks handled by Job Alliance (included)*Tasks handled by the employer

Needs analysis, searching and hiring candidate(s)

  • Evaluate workforce needs

  • Check eligibility of the position to fill

  • Search for candidates

  • Candidate pre-selection

  • Interviews

  • Do legal and medical checks

  • Prepare the employment contract

  • Hire

  • Meet with your Job Alliance Advisor to clarify your hiring needs

  • Complete the Employer form, which gathers all the information required for the various administrative procedures

  • Approve pre-selected candidates

  • Approve the successful candidate

Work permit application and immigration procedures

  • Prepare file for Service Canada

  • Prepare the LMIA application (Labour Market Impact Assessment) and the CAQ (Certificat
    d'acceptation du Québec), in Quebec only

  • Gather information from the selected candidate and obtain the signatures required

  • Put together the complete file and the CAQ (Certificat d'acceptation du Québec), in Quebec only

Preparing for the foreign worker’s

  • Arrange language-training before arrival

  • Handle administrative, legal and governmental procedures

  • Translate the documents required (driver’s license)

  • Apply for temporary health insurance (for the first three months)

  • Draft invitation and Power of Attorney letters for the Canadian Embassy

  • Apply for work permit and visa

  • Book the airline ticket

  • Help find housing**

  • Buy basic furnishings and appropriate clothing

  • Prepare for the worker’s arrival

  • Find housing for the worker (in collaboration with Job Alliance)

  • Prepare the workspace

  • Prepare the current work team and designate a mentor

Welcome and integration

  • Greet the worker at the airport

  • Help them move into their apartment

  • Help them buy groceries for the first time

  • Help them open a bank account

  • Help them get telephone service

  • Help them apply for health insurance

  • Help them obtain a Social Insurance Number (SIN)

  • Provide post-integration support

  • Company orientation: introduce the worker to the team and to their mentor (if applicable), the workplace, the equipment and tools, etc.

*Services included in the Job Alliance turnkey package only.

**Job Alliance will provide you with the worker’s specific housing needs of the worker, but
the employer is responsible to find a suitable rental location.

Although the Job Alliance team handles all steps of the process, we are always in constant contact with the employer to keep them apprised of our progress. In addition, if the employer wishes to be more closely involved in part of the process, it can do so freely.

Get peace of mind and trust the experts to help you with all of these steps. Your time is better invested elsewhere than in this process.

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