When hiring a foreign worker, what expenses does the employer have to pay? Who pays for the plane tickets and the apartment rental?

Learn who pays for airline tickets and lodgings.

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What expenses does the employer pay?

Very good question! The employer’s costs vary depending on the following:

  1. The services you want provided. Will you be handling certain stages of the process or will you be entrusting the entire process to a specialized firm?
  2. The candidate’s level of specialization and the job category you need to fill (high or low wage)
  3. The number of workers to recruit
  4. The country of origin, in some cases

Two kinds of support: custom or turnkey

The costs related to the administrative, legal and logistical steps involved in hiring of a foreign worker vary depending on the level of services you choose.

In response to the strong demand for a comprehensive service, Job Alliance offers a turnkey recruitment package that includes all costs related to all steps involved in hiring a foreign worker, permit in hand. These include identifying your needs, doing candidate pre-selection, selection and hiring, arranging pre-arrival language training, handling immigration and work permit applications and paperwork, preparing for the worker’s arrival, welcoming them and helping them integrate in the country, and providing post-integration support.

High or low wage positions

For high wage positions, the employer’s only expenses are those related to Job Alliance’s turnkey package. In fact, the worker is responsible for the following expenses, which must first be advanced by the employer:

  • Airline tickets*
  • Rent (with utilities such as electricity, heating, cable and internet)
  • Basic furnishings
  • Appropriate clothing for the season
  • Initial groceries
  • Private health insurance for the first three months

The employer may deduct an amount from the worker’s pay for the reimbursement of these expenses.

In the case of low wage positions, the employer is responsible for the cost of airline tickets and private health insurance for the first three months, without subsequent reimbursement by the worker.

Volume discount

If you have different vacancies to fill and want to hire several foreign workers, you could benefit from a discount or receive some additional services at no additional cost.

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