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A glaring problem

As of November 2018, there are over 551 000 job vacancies in Canada. Even worse, this number is continually increasing. With an increasingly lower unemployment rate and an aging
population, the alarm has sounded. It is time to take action. To overcome this scarcity, hiring foreign workers is quickly becoming the ideal solution. Visionary companies are tackling the challenge effectively. And it is thanks to this agility in human resources management that these companies will become the leaders of tomorrow.

Your vision is our mission

Do you have clear objectives and a full book of orders, but not enough personnel to deliver the goods? We heard you. Depending on your needs, our specialized team handles every aspect of international recruitment, from job posting, to hiring candidates, to their arrival in the country. We care about these newcomers’ well-being, so we do our utmost to create a perfect match. For you…and for them.

Did you know?

Job vacancies represent a direct loss for businesses. For example, for every unfilled auto painter or auto body repair position, a business loses up to $30,000 in revenue each month.

Our approach

We have in-depth knowledge of each step required to prepare for the arrival of a foreign worker. We have an extensive network of contacts, and we assist local companies, step-by-step, in their search for qualified candidates. To fill your vacancies, international recruitment is the solution you've been waiting for.


Workforce needs assessment


Creation and posting of vacancies


Candidate pre-selection, tests and checks


Hiring procedures, permit application and immigration procedures


Preparing for the workers’ arrival


Welcoming workers and helping them settle in


In-business post-integration support

Candidates currently available

Many qualified candidates are ready to join your team. Every day we recruit a wide variety of candidates for various technical positions for our clients, mainly in the industrial, manufacturing and service sectors. Rely on us to recruit auto body repairers, machinists, mechanics, electromechanical engineers and many others!